Beach House Twilight

Beach House  is a dream pop duo formed in 2004 in Baltimore, Maryland consists of a Victoria Legrand and her partner in crime Alex Scally. They are playing at the Twilight Concert Series in Salt Lake City TONIGHT at 7:00 P.M. and no this isn’t their first Twilight, they collaborated with the Grizzly Bears in the song “Slow Life” on the sound track for Twilight: New Moon. The dreamy music these two fine individuals play make me think, think of being on the moon or somewhere magical. Maybe on a boat somewhere faraway just off the coast of a distant island.  Their fourth album, Bloom, was released in this year and had very good reviews with two singles “Myth” and “Lazuli”

Beach House will be playing with The Walkmen who are an American Indie rock band from New York City created in 2000 the band prefers the sound of vintage instruments which makes for a very interesting set. The Walkmen have some very warm music that you will want to take home with you and enjoy again and again.

Tickets are 5 dollars at the door. Cash.


Matt and Kim’s new single.

Matt and Kim have a new single out called Let’s Go. I’m a Matt and Kim lover so I may be a little bias but in my humble opinion it is one of their best. Let’s Go includes some mid-song hiphop breakdowns and some really catchy lyrics. If they ever come around you know I’ll be at their show! They get me really excited about life while taking me on a magical adventure to fun mountain, light me on fire, put me out with water and their own blood, and light me on fire again. Both Matt and Kim are always smiling and I can never help but smile back with all the fun they are having on stage, off stage, and everywhere in between. It looks like so much fun I wouldn’t mind being their friend destroying the earth, not in a sense of actually killing it or using it “peace”, but I guess changing it for the better so people can enjoy life. So, Matt, Kim, if you are ever around the Utah area and want to blow something up let me know. Always been a fan always will be…Now lets play some basketball with Pat the Roc!

“Let’s Go” is the first single from Matt and Kim’s upcoming album, Lightning, set for release this fall on the FADER label.

If you are into remixes this one is topping the charts. A Chicago based duo Team Bayside High have completely blown my mind by taking the vocals from Let’s Go and mixing them up which has cause for panic. This wonderful beat climaxes with the title Let’s Go and keeps you interested all the way through.

Antibalas – New Album

New music from the Antibalas in their album which should be released in August 6th of this year. Its a self titled Album with a new single called “Dirty Money”

The Antibalas are an afrobeat orchestra from NYC founded in 1998 with a total of 13 musicians who have all come together to create something really enjoyable for your earbuds. You can tell in their songs that they are just there to have a good time. The horn is reminds me of the stealth and cohesion of a used car sells man who just finished smoking a filter less cigarette and also reminds me of a band also from NYC the dance punk group called Professor Murder who in 2009 dissolved into another group called Tanlines, restless people..

Young Chop

New up and comer from Chicago, Tyree Pittman, has some mad beats which are usually mixed with heavy beats and some gunshots for hood effect. Tyree is very confident in his work when he is asked who influences him He usually responds says “Me” which he later said to Pitchfork that he is influenced by Mike Will Made It and Drumma Boy. He is so proud of what he is done that he even said in a tweet directed at Kanye West and the G.O.O.D. Music Group “I don’t give two fucks, I will sue the shit out of Kanye West.” who recently changed the beat in a remix of Tyree’s insturmentals on Chief Keef’s single called “I Don’t Like”. The dispute has since been settled. See if you can see what Tyree’s beef with Kanye is:

In the Venue – MewithoutYou

If you are bored Friday the 20th of July, in Utah, and need some spiritual revival In the Venue  is hosting an event to feed the freegans and find out who the guy is trying to hide behind the flowers. Mewithoutyou are playing and they have a new album they want to share with us. The album is called Ten “Stories” and the last Mewithoutyou show I went to he had a few stories between sets, mixed with a man on the front row who was acting like he was getting some kind of a message from the Holy Ghost while waving his outstretched hand in the air from left to right sometimes shaking like it was the day of Pentecost. Mewithoutyou is on tour right now on tour with Buried Beds who I might like I’m not quite sure.  Their opening act  is a local up and coming bad called  l’anarchiste, they are new to the scene but their mellow vibes have caught the attention of the local Salt Lake music scene. Buy the tickets here —> Smithtix